Bacon Chicken Nuggets

Deep in the recesses of my brain, I have vague memories of a time before chicken nuggets were a ubiquitous finger food of childhood. I try to forget such dark days ever existed. Back when grains and nightshades played a significant role in my diet, I tried making my own nuggets: cutting chunks if chicken, dipping them in an egg wash, and breading them with cornmeal, sage, and paprika. I quickly learned that the egg wash was unnecessary. When I cut out grains, I discovered coconut flour can often be used to stand in for cornmeal. After I stopped eating nightshades, paprika was out (and coconut sage chicken just didn’t sound terribly appealing). Eventually, my variations turned into this family favorite.

bacon_chicken_nuggetsBacon Chicken Nuggets

8 slices raw bacon (227 g)
4 raw boneless skinless chicken breast halves, cut into 1-in pieces (681 g)
2 cloves garlic, crushed (6 g)
1½ c coconut oil
¼ c coconut flour (28 g)
1 t salt
½ t black pepper
½ t ground cumin
¼ t ground coriander
¼ t ground oregano
⅛ t ground cardamom
⅛ t ground cloves

  1. Cook bacon until crisp.
  2. Place in blender with chicken, and garlic, blending until mixture forms a thick dough
  3. With wet hands, form chicken dough by 2 T (30 g) into small patties
  4. Heat coconut oil in 3 qt saucepan to 325°F
  5. While oil is heating, whisk together coconut flour and spices in a shallow dish
  6. Coat nuggets with flour mixture
  7. Fry in batches 3-4 minutes per side, until crust is golden brown and internal temperature reaches 165°F
  8. Remove with slotted spoon, allow to drain and cool 5 min before serving

Yield: 24 nuggets

Which food from your childhood makes you most nostalgic?