Midnight Chocolate Frosting

I suggested banana cake for breakfast the other morning, intending to make My Favorite Banana Bread in a round pan and call it “cake.” My daughter promptly informed me that what makes it cake is the frosting! I had to agree that cakes are truly cakier with frosting. So I let her whip up a batch of this wonderful fudgy frosting (that I’d put together to cover my Chocolate Birthday Cake) and the kids were very happy with their breakfast!

chocolate_cakeMidnight Chocolate Frosting

1 c coconut oil, melted
⅔ cocoa powder (53 g)
2 T honey (42 g)
1 T vanilla extract

  1. Stir together all ingredients
  2. Chill until set, but not hard (20-30 min in the fridge)
  3. Beat with electric mixer until fluffy

Yield about 2 c frosting (just right to frost one layer or 12 cupcakes)

This is a truly dark, bittersweet chocolate flavor. If you’re looking for something a bit sweeter, I have found it works well with 3 T honey. If you want something even sweeter, I recommend Elana’s Paleo Chocolate Frosting recipe which uses melted chocolate chunks.

Variation: This also makes a great chocolate peppermint frosting. Simply replace the vanilla with 1 t peppermint extract.

What’s your favorite way to eat chocolate frosting?


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