Chia Pudding

Once upon a time, my very favorite pudding was tapioca. I could finish an entire tub in one sitting. Recently, I’ve learned that even a little tapioca can cause me digestive trouble, so the amount in even one reasonable serving of pudding is enough to really bother me (not to mention what the excess sugar and dairy milk would do to my system). Although chia seed pudding is not new to me, I recently found a classic recipe from Elana Amsterdam using chia as a substitute for tapioca. I knew I had to try out this idea for myself.

chia_puddingChia Pudding

1 13.5-oz can coconut milk, blended smooth
3 T chia seeds (32 g)
2 t honey
2 t vanilla extract
⅛ t salt

  1. Stir together
  2. Refrigerate for 24 hours, shaking or stirring every few hours to redistribute seeds evenly
Yield 2 c pudding
What have you made (or wanted to make) with ch-ch-ch-chia seeds?

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