Korean-Style BBQ Sauce

I feel like I need a disclaimer on this post: I have never eaten actual Korean BBQ. However, in researching non-tomato-based BBQ recipes online, I kept coming across sauces that were similar to this one, all labeled “Korean BBQ.” So, while this may not be exactly authentic, it’s still pretty yummy! It also makes a great BBQ beef to take to a picnic and pairs perfectly with Sweet and Savory Gingered Carrots.

korean-style_bbq_beefKorean-Style BBQ Sauce

¼ c soy sauce
2 t sesame oil (or coconut oil, melted)
⅓ c finely diced onions (60 g)
3 T minced garlic (28 g)
2 t blackstrap molasses
1 t black pepper

  1. Stir ingredients together until thoroughly combined
  2. Use as a marinade or sauce for your favorite cut of meat

Yield: ¾ c BBQ sauce (just about the perfect amount for a 2 lb roast)

What is your favorite sauce for dipping or glazing meats?


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